Pablo Chirivella

Pablo Chirivella

Pablo Chirivella’s philosophy focuses on “the search for the origin”.

Deeply attached to his land, the traditional Valencian recipe book is the basis of his cuisine, that is expanded with products, memories and experiences of his journey. A journey of inspiration over the years:

he began cooking in Valencia, then moved to China, later to England, continued training in the Basque Country, then in Tenerife and finally, for three years, he traveled Mexico from north to south. After opening his suitcase and filling it with flavors and cultures, he came back to his origin, to Valencia, to start again in Tavella.

Tavella is Pablo Chirivella’s matured project, in which he invites the client to immerse himself, with all five senses, in each of his memories.

The restaurant is located in the family home, a century-old farmhouse that was used for agriculture during the late 19th century to the mid 20th century. It later housed a fashion boutique and is now converted into a space devoted to the exploration of the roots, to the traditional cuisine poured with creativity and experiences.

The maximum respect for the environment, the local quality product and the gastronomic culture are the essential bases of a cuisine that is presented as cultural, solid and full of identity.

And Tavella borns from this origin in the wood, in the garden and in the sea.

“Back to the origin, where it all begins, to start all over again”.

Pablo Chirivella.