The essence of the origin. Corners of our memory.





The first contact with the Tavella universe.

As you cross the solemn wooden door, and still being inside the city, you leave it behind. The old courtyard of the house is the perfect anteroom. The link between every other space in the restaurant that keeps a preferential place for the most special corner: the kitchen.



The Kitchen

The ancient kitchen of the house preserves its entire structure unaltered.

The traditional marble counter, the original cupboard or the primitive glazed doors coexist with the new elements in complete symmetry.

A privileged space to enjoy all the flavor of our origin.

Capacity for 18 people.




The heart of Tavella due to its capacity and singularity.

The old hall of the house unfolds its potential in two heights full of tradition. Its identity is represented by walls adorned with mementos and its centenary floors and furniture.

Overlooked by the old iron fireplace, it becomes the most adaptable space in the restaurant.

Capacity for 35 people



Looking to disconnect from the hectic downtown life?

We suggest you our private room. A former fashion boutique turned into an intimate and quiet space. A room full of history where you can celebrate private events, presentations, business meetings…

Because we want to continue filling this space with your best moments.

Capacity for 10 People



Tavella’s space dedicated to wine: The Cellar.

With a capacity to hold 2,075 bottles, it becomes a new modern, transparent space located in a preferential place.

The Bodega is located in the center of the main hall, in the center of the restaurant, visually connecting the spaces in the same way that the wine list connects with Tavella’s gastronomic offer.




If what you want is to be outdoors and enjoy disconnecting from the city, we suggest the terrace of Tavella.

A hidden garden located at the gates of the restaurant to continue enjoying all the flavor of our origin. Surrounded by vegetation, nature is once again the star in this space.

Capacity upon availability